Transformative Life Coaching with Cayenne

Finding Happiness Again

Transforming Lives Through the Wisdom of Science and Sages

What Can I Expect?

Penetrating Insights with Profoundly Effective Solutions

Relationship Coaching

Master the Art of Love and Connection

Thrive Through Transitions

Restore Inner Peace & Safely Move Forward

Spiritual Coaching

Balance of heart and mind for higher consciousness

Transformative Life Coaching

Manifest a Life of Love, Purpose and Meaning

Finally... get the most out of your life!

Move into the mystery and shift into the magic. Freely explore the adventure, joy and expansiveness of higher consciousness. This is not just a concept. Cayenne will help you reach and sustain this experience of happiness and higher consciousness

Breakthrough results. Make sense of your life!

Triumph over negative thoughts and get comfortable with yourself. Bask in an open, restorative new perspective that solves perplexing problems and creates the life you desire

Loving relationships through meaningful & lasting changes

Feel relationships improving as you learn to take charge of your emotions for an unshakable core of calm, happiness and connection.

Relationship Coaching

Safely Open To Love

Manifest the connections you so deeply desire

Identify and discern the source of what strains your relationships or thwarts your attempts to attract love.

Evaporate whatever has held you back. Feel loved, understood and loving.

Safely open up to loving relationships with radiant charisma

Ahhh, Freedom…Venture out and self-confidently connect and share the love with others, safe in the knowledge that your own heart can protect you.

Break down the walls of isolation and feel the love!

Warm yourself with the flow of love and connection that happens when barriers set up to protect your heart (but which have also prevented you from receiving the inward flow of love) fall away.

Feel enlivened with fun, creative energy in relationships

Resolution of differences and opening up communication in relationships with skills that rewire the brain to be less reactive and more compassionate, kind, loving and forgiving.

Thriving Through Transition

Let the adventure begin! Build inner resources to thrive through any challenge

With renewed energy as you release the grip of fear and painful feelings during transitions, delve into what remains unfulfilled in your life… and then fulfill it.

Claim the magnificence of who you are and what exciting possibilities lie ahead of you

Expand your perceptions! Be inspired and encouraged with your return to self-acceptance, self-confidence and wholeness. 

Flourish again with peace of mind and an open heart

Savor the calm strength and safety that comes from knowing you have the ability to release any painful feelings as soon as they appear. You are not at the mercy of them any longer.

Helping you to actualize positive outcomes and solutions

Move boldly forward in your life and thrive with skills that rewire your brain for happiness and equanimity… no matter what the circumstances

A new adventure into Consciousness for well-being

As an Ayurvedic & Yogic Psychological Counselor, Cayenne shares science-backed meditation, breath practices, mantra and mindfulness to nourish mind, body, and soul.

Delve into the nature of your mind and consciousness

Become adept at using the power of your Higher Consciousness to find happiness again. Cultivate the positive power, forces, and energies of the mind and soul for the highest in life.

Bring your heart and mind back into harmony and balance

Insights and techniques that rewire your brain for Higher Consciousness and sustained happiness.

Mobilize resilience and calm in the face of any challenges

Techniques to focus and befriend your mind, instilling a sustained deep peace of mind and a clear path forward

Return to oneness with all and the Divine within

Become aware. No limits to where this can go!

Spiritual Coaching

Illuminate Your Inner World

My Approach

I listen deeply so that you feel heard, cared for and understood. I give you my non-judgemental support, encouragement, and inspiration from my heart.

I share with you practical skills and practices of breathwork, meditation, mantra and mind management that create profound changes balancing mind, heart, and body,  These practices leave you feeling thoroughly relaxed, rejuvenated and basking in a sense of well-being again.

It is my intention in our work together that you:

  • Discover solutions to issues that previously have left you stymied
  • Treat yourself to a greater perspective of what is possible for you.  Expand your consciousness!
  • Feel in control of your emotional states
  • Delight in yourself with renewed self-acceptance and self-confidence

And above all, let’s enjoy ourselves as we embark on this adventure into you!

What People Are Saying

I was so fortunate to find Cayenne Graves at a time when I had no earthly idea where I was in life and how I was ever going to get ‘unstuck’. Cayenne was brilliant in her visioning beyond anything I had even considered for myself. I felt unconditional acceptance, essential for trust, healing and metamorphosis, and it wouldn’t have worked any other way for me.  I am so grateful that I found her!!


Cayenne is truly a gifted woman and definitely worth seeing if you need direction and guidance in your life. She was so kind responding to me with such a laser beam of understanding of what I was experiencing and how the mind-body-emotion-soul works.


To be with Cayenne was truly calming and energizing all at once.  It was obvious she was a natural healer with an expanded view on what my potential could be and that she cared deeply about me and our work together. The outcome was very effective and confidence building in a different way than other therapists


How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Let’s grab a cup of coffee or tea together and enjoy a free consultation by phone in the comfort of your own space. Share with me what is going on with you. I’ll listen and share my ideas to open your world.

Choose a Coaching Plan

Enjoy coaching sessions by phone in the privacy and comfort of your own space. Sessions are completely confidential and calls are not recorded unless you wish to record them.

Reach Your Goals

No matter what your struggles we can work together toward finding happiness again

Flexible Coaching Package

6 Hours of transformative life coaching by phone.

FREE BONUS: Email Support for the duration of the coaching period.

Sessions and email support valid for three months from the date of booking


More Details

This is my most popular package. A total of six hours together allows us to get to the root of your issue and work toward making those important lasting changes in your life.


6 Hours of Transformative Life Coaching sessions (book them in any increments you desire, whenever you desire during a three-month-period.  (You can book half hours, full hours or multiple hours in one session over three months for a total of 6 hours)

Free email support valid for 3 months from the date of booking.

“At Your Pace” Coaching Package

Many of my clients prefer to pay as they go. You are the one in charge of designing your coaching package. Sometimes all you need is just one or more sessions focused on something specific.


More Details

Duration of each session is your choice based on a rate of $125/ hour (one hour, 1 1/2 hour, 2-hour or 3-hour sessions)

Gift Packages

So many have chosen to gift sessions to family and friends who are going through struggles that I offer it as a separate package.

You don’t have to stand by helplessly watching them suffer. I offer caring, non-judgmental, confidential coaching that you can trust.


More Details

Duration of each session is your choice based on a rate of $125/ hour (one hour, 1 1/2 hour, 2-hour or 3-hour sessions)

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