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Finding Happiness Again

Transformative Life Coaching


Finding Happiness Again

Find happiness, love, and connection with this online course.

Finding Happiness Again

Online Course

Confidently rediscover a world of happiness and connection in 8 week’s time. Savor freedom from painful feelings. Relish the joy of being highly successful at finding love. Cayenne Graves, author, and founder of The Listening Space will be your companion and guide, translating scientific theory into solid skills for a direct experience of peace of mind and happiness.

Embark on an adventure within, like no other, for happiness, love and connection in this self-paced course full of intriguing insights and guided meditations

Ignite your radiant magnetism. Attract Love. Venture out and connect easily and safely to yourself and others.

Feel fully alive again as you master profoundly effective ways to be in control of how you want to feel.

Transformative Life Coaching

What Can I Expect?

Penetrating Insights with Profoundly Effective Solutions

Relationship Coaching

Master the Art of Love and Connection

Thrive Through Transitions

Restore Inner Peace & Safely Move Forward

Spiritual Coaching

Balance of heart and mind for higher consciousness

Transformative Life Coaching is perfect for:

  • Those who are curious to learn how to create sustainable satisfaction and happiness in themselves, in their relationships and in their life.
  • Those who desire to activate their strengths and natural abilities for a renewed sense of purpose.

  • Those who are seeking to connect to their spiritual nature and higher consciousness.
Relax and Enjoy...Aspirations fulfilled without struggling!

Cayenne guides you to know and love yourself with penetrating ‘in-sights‘ and practical skillsets in meditation, breathwork, mindfulness, communication and positive rewiring of the brain for happiness…all with non-judgmental understanding, warmth and humor. You are heard.

Savor the excitement of peace of mind & a fresh start

Vanquish inner turbulence with ease! Know the satisfaction and joy of achieving reliable, steady calm and harmony in your mind and heart no matter what the circumstances.

Luxuriate in self-confidence

Glow from the inside… Awaken to the spaciousness of who you are.  Feel enlivened with self-acceptance and Self-awareness. Express your expansive potential by transforming limiting thoughts, beliefs and past conditioning into a living awareness and experience of your loving, happy, and vitally energetic self.

Feel supported & thrive through transitions

Imagine the emotional freedom of gently releasing worries, fears, repetitive negative thoughts and emotional tensions with ease.  Cayenne will help you blast through your obstacles so that you can safely move forward…celebrating your creativity and inspiring you to open up to a world of new possibilities.

How to Put the Wag Back Into Your Tail

Nothing says “happiness” like the wagging of a dog’s tail.

When was the last time you felt that kind of sustained joy?  This is a perfect book for anyone looking for relief from the burden of painful feelings.

“An open and honest soul-baring with the goal of helping us move from pain back to life-affirming joy.  Graves takes a fresh look at a problem all of us must face: how to move from sorrow to meaning”

Shawn Achor, author of “The Happiness Advantage”

I am:

Fun. Whole-heartedly for others. An adventurist. Spiritually centered for the good of others. An expansive thinker. A dog lover.

Author of “How to Put the Wag Back Into Your Tail…The Art of Releasing Painful Feelings and Taking the Journey to Joy”.

An adventuring vagabond, both in the outer world and in the vast spiritual inner world.  A world traveler… having lived on a Caribbean island for 12 years and traveled 15 years to study with spiritual masters.

An Ayurvedic & Yogic Psychological Coach…a meditation, breathwork and mantra teacher.

A Transformative Life Coach sharing the wisdom of the yogic sages with cutting edge neuroscience in all my endeavors whether coaching, online courses, writing, creating art or Alex’s Dog Love videos. 

The Founder of The Listening Space, in 1986, specializing in the release of painful feelings. My practice uses the expressive arts and management of the mind and emotions.

What will deepen your experience of my Transformative Life Coaching is my ability to offer guidance and wisdom gained from dedication to experiential spiritual and scientific study, life experience, skills of counseling, writing and teaching over the past 38 years.

What Others Are Saying

“It was the quality of attention and caring that was palpable with Cayenne, very unusual, teaching me unique methodology which became the key to unlocking hidden treasures.  Cayenne’s expansive, unbounded ways of thinking set me on a trajectory of freedom which I am still seeing every day. I only hope that others will be as fortunate as I was in finding such treasure as Cayenne Graves! “


“Cayenne has the gift of seeing the path of success for others and in seeing also the very things that lie in their path to obstruct the flow… She gently eased me through and beyond the obstacles and into success.”


“Cayenne has an extraordinary ability to help people heal themselves without drudging up past trauma and difficulties. She helped me cross a bridge that I had been struggling with for years and for that I am extremely grateful.  Her work is grounded in neuroscience, her heart is as open as can be, and she knows how to help people get unstuck and find freedom.”


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