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Something to Wag About

A big wag to my dad- dog-lover, physician and author, Harrison Graves MD.

Books, Blogs and Online Courses:

New: Alternative Pain Relief: A Pill-Free Tool Kit

My Dad’s Course

Healing Mantras

Online Course

If you are interested in more natural and holistic treatments for anxiety and depression, you are invited to enroll in this online course today.

Sanskrit mantras, starting with OM, are sound formulas, packed with energy and intention, that have a profound effect on the body-mind. They can become powerful tools for insight, healing, creativity, and spiritual growth.

My Dad’s Books

Alternative Pain Relief
A Pill-Free Tool Kit

Alternative Medicine

Life with pain can feel unbearable. Chronic pain can be hard to manage with pills alone. Patients taking prescription painkillers are naturally concerned about side effects on the one hand and addictions on the other. Many would love to manage their pain better using the body’s natural painkillers. However, they don’t know how.

This holistic book can help. It gives you the bottom line on which alternative medical therapies work the best when it comes to managing chronic pain. These alternative methods have helped many patients reduce or eliminate their need for prescription pills.

Mantra Meditation

An Alternative Treatment For Anxiety and Depression

Many people today are looking for an alternative to prescription drugs, especially when it comes to treating anxiety and depression.

Mantra meditation comes to us from Ayurveda, “The Science of Life,” the system of holistic medicine from India.  Mantra means an “instrument of the mind,” a powerful sound tool that can be used to reach a deep state of meditation — an important tool for healing. Mantra therapy is Ayurveda’s treatment of choice for both anxiety and depression. In fact, mantras are “the most important part of the spiritual and mental therapy of Ayurveda,” according to Dr. David Frawley, leading author and Sanskrit scholar.

My Mom’s Artwork

Dogs of the Caribbean

If you wish to purchase any of the artwork you see in the gallery please visit https://Artpal.com/wagwithjoy


Dog Siesta-Goat Fiesta

It’s Not My Job ‘Mon’

Save the Turtles

Beach Dog Boogie

Carnival Stilt Dancing

We Be Jammin’

We All Fall Down

Another Day in Paradise

Rum Punched

Domino Cheater

True Love

Roosters Rule

Crab Surprise




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