Transformative Consciousness Coaching with Cayenne

Virtual Clinical/Regression Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression & Empowerment Hypnotherapy

Custom Design Your Adventure Into A New Beginning, Manifesting and Creating Abundance

Reclaim Your Energy

Penetrating Insights with Profoundly Effective Solutions

Spiritual Fitness

Activating Inner Energy for Transformative Experiences

Heart Coherence Training

Adding Heart Enhances Everything!

Empowerment - Your New Reality

Manifestation In the Energy Field

Transformative Consciousness Coaching with Virtual Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

Finally... get the most out of your life!

Move into the mystery and shift into the magic. Freely explore the adventure, joy and expansiveness of higher consciousness. This is not just a concept.

Cayenne will help you reach and sustain this experience. She will be your companion and guide translating scientific theory into solid skills for a direct experience of peace of mind, expanded awareness and creating a new reality from the inner world of consciousness.

Reclaim your Energy. Make sense of your life!

Triumph over negative thoughts and emotions. Get confident and comfortable with yourself.

Bask in feeling fully alive again with an open, restorative new perspective that allows you to thrive during transitions, with profoundly effective solutions and skills for perplexing problems.

Be in control with how you want to feel and create the life you desire!

Loving relationships through meaningful & lasting changes

Feel relationships improving as you learn to take charge of your emotions for an unshakable core of calm, happiness and connection.

Ignite your radiant magnetism. Attract Love. Venture out and connect easily and safely to yourself and others.

Spiritual Fitness

Creating Optimal States of Healing for Physical, Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Health

A Custom Designed Spiritual Fitness workout with Cayenne as your own Personal Spiritual Fitness Trainer

I will choose and design a spiritual workout for your energy, awareness and consciousness that includes:

  • A meditation that fits your individual nature so that it comes alive for you…
  • A focused concentration and breath work practice that elevates your energy and awareness to connect you to your innate power of consciousness
  • A specific mantra, chosen and taught to you targeting your specific intention
Advance into creating your new reality
  • Boost your breakthrough into the world of manifestation and creating abundance
  • Unleash the power of energy and awareness for authentic transformative experiences…
Become a master of your inner world to elevate your experience of the outer world
  • See your enthusiasm for custom designed spiritual practices grow as you realize their power to activate and expand your innate energy, awareness and consciousness to the level of manifestation.
  • Go beyond what you even thought possible in creating a new reality!
Return to oneness with all and the Divine within.

Become aware. No limits: Anything is possible!

Heart Coherence Training

The Intriguing, Mysterious and Deeply Powerful Energy of the Heart at Your Command

What is Coherence?

Heart coherence is a scientifically validated, very highly ordered state at a physiological level that adds energy, connection, intuition, increased health and performance.

Benefits of Heart Coherence

  • Attain peace of mind by managing emotions…mobilize resilience and move from automatically reacting to situations to choosing how you want to feel.
  • Achieve better outcomes for what you desire, improve outlook, make wiser decisions and deeper, more lasting connections in your relationships.
  • Make a deeper connection to your heart’s intelligence and its intuitive knowingness…Access intuition that bypasses our usual linear thinking…for the inner clarity that allows you to overcome obstacles.
  • Directly benefit good sleep, the immune system and hormonal responses, as well as the health of the heart and nervous system.

Training for the Inner Balance Training sensor and app for direct feedback of you heart’s coherence

For those interested in feedback, the science-backed Inner Balance Training Sensor and App, can be purchased through

The Inner Balance Trainer is a dynamic and effective science-based technology providing feedback of your heart rhythm to measure coherence.

Shift your mind, emotions and nervous system into balance, harmony and resilience when you need it most in just 3-5 minutes per day training.

A significant benefit of Coherence is the strengthening of the power of high vibrational positive emotions in the heart that are absolutely necessary for manifestation and creating abundance and well-being.

Empowerment Hypnotherapy Package… Creating Your New Reality

Manifestation and Creating Abundance in the Energy Field with the Empowerment Hypnotherapy Package.

Make the shift from "I'll believe it when I see it...To "I'll see it when I believe it."

This exciting package is a combination of Transformative Consciousness Coaching and Empowerment Hypnotherapy for Manifestation and Creating Abundance

My Approach

I listen deeply so that you feel heard, cared for and understood. I give you my non-judgmental nurturing support, encouragement, and inspiration from my heart.

I custom design all Transformative Consciousness Coaching and Hypnotherapy experiences for each client.

I share with you practical skills and practices of Spiritual Fitness: breath work, meditation, mantra, and focused mind management which creates profound changes to balance mind/heart & body and activates your energy and awareness for manifestation and creating abundance.

It is my intention in our work together that you:

  • Discover solutions to issues that previously have left you stymied

  • Treat yourself to a greater perspective of what is possible for you. Expand your energy, awareness and consciousness!

  • Feel in control of your emotional states and learn Heart Coherence to open your heart to love and connection safely

  • Delight in yourself with renewed self-acceptance and self-confidence

And above all, let’s enjoy ourselves as we embark on on an adventure like no other-when you heal and release what is troubling you, you finally feel the wholeness of who you are at your core.

Operating from this core, knowing your purpose, creating your new reality….unstoppable! No telling where that can go!

What People Are Saying

I was so fortunate to find Cayenne Graves at a time when I had no earthly idea where I was in life and how I was ever going to get ‘unstuck’. Cayenne was brilliant in her visioning beyond anything I had even considered for myself. I felt unconditional acceptance, essential for trust, healing and metamorphosis, and it wouldn’t have worked any other way for me.  I am so grateful that I found her!!


Cayenne is truly a gifted woman and definitely worth seeing if you need direction and guidance in your life. She was so kind responding to me with such a laser beam of understanding of what I was experiencing and how the mind-body-emotion-soul works.


To be with Cayenne was truly calming and energizing all at once.  It was obvious she was a natural healer with an expanded view on what my potential could be and that she cared deeply about me and our work together. The outcome was very effective and confidence building in a different way than other therapists


How It Works

All sessions conducted virtually by phone. Certified Virtual Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Individual Sessions Plan

Transformative Consciousness Coaching Sessions

These sessions all specially designed just for you and tailored to your desired outcome can include:

  • Releasing the energy and patterns of painful feelings, repetitive negative thinking, negative self-talk, resolving not feeling good enough and anything else that is holding you back
  • Heart Coherence Training
  • Spiritual Fitness: including meditation, breath work, focus for mind management and mantra

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy Sessions

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Womb Regression Hypnotherapy
  • Past Life Regression
  • Empowerment Hypnotherapy

Custom-Designed Packages

Packages are available for Transformative Consciousness Coaching and Spiritual Fitness.

Hypnotherapy Packages of Two Sessions or more purchased at the same time are available at discounted rate.

Empowerment Hypnotherapy Package for Manifesting Your Desired Intention and Creating Abundance

(Completion of a Spiritual Fitness Package is a Pre-Requisite for this Package)

Rates for Individual Sessions:

Transformative Consciousness Coaching, Heart Coherence Training and Spiritual Fitness Training are all $250/Two hour session

Hypnotherapy Sessions:

Clinical Hypnotherapy (1.5 hours) – $275

Womb Regression Hypnotherapy (2 hours) – $337

Past Life Regression (3 hours) – $397

Month of unlimited email support starting from any session – $500

Custom Designed Self-Hypnosis MP3 – $250

Transformative Consciousness Coaching Package:

  • Two hour session/week for four weeks
  • FREE BONUS: One free month of unlimited email support starting at time of first session (valued at $500)
  • FREE UPGRADE: One coaching session in the package may be substituted with a Clinical Hypnotherapy Session at no extra charge.


Spiritual Fitness Training Package:

  • Two hour session/week for four weeks
  • FREE BONUS: One free month of unlimited email support starting at time of first session (valued at $500)
  • FREE UPGRADE: One coaching session in the package may be substituted with a Clinical Hypnotherapy Session at no extra charge.


Hypnotherapy Package:

Any two or more Hypnotherapy Sessions booked together are 10% off

Empowerment Hypnotherapy Package for Manifestation and Creating Abundance

A Two-Hour Transformative Consciousness Coaching Session per week for three weeks. (developing specific skills for manifestation and creating abundance)

Fourth week session is Empowerment Hypnotherapy Session-Entering the Energy Field to Manifest Your Desired Intention

FREE BONUS: One free month of unlimited email support starting at time of first session (valued at $500)


More Details

Pre-requisite: Must have completed a Spiritual Fitness Package of four two-hour sessions for energetic preparation for this journey.

It’s natural to have questions about Coaching Sessions & Hypnotherapy…

I’m happy to spend time with you answering them for you.

Let’s schedule a time for us to chat over the phone about the life and feelings you want to create…

This FREE CONSULTATION is just for you… you will be heard and your questions answered.

No pressure or obligation here… If you are interested we can enjoy custom designing your virtual Transformative Consciousness Coaching or Hypnotherapy sessions together

Fill out the form with your phone number and a good date/time (your time zone) for us to connect. I will confirm it by email.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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