Cayenne’s Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic expansion of consciousness for healing and positive change

Hypnotherapy is a safe, scientifically proven and effective method used by trained professionals, invoking intense focus and relaxation inducing a trance-like state of heightened awareness where you are alert, safe and in control.

Hypnotherapy uses the intuitive wisdom of the Feeling Heart and the Knowing Soul as it moves through levels of consciousness

During hypnotherapy the consciousness expands beyond the limits of the conscious, mental mind…getting out of the analytical mind, moving into the subconscious and into the higher consciousness of the superconsciousness- the soul mind.

There are three levels of consciousness:

  • The Mind Thinks and it rests during hypnotherapy
  • The Heart Feels
  • The Soul Knows
Achieving the desired changes in our physical self, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviors at a core level through Hypnotherapy

Our subconscious holds suppressed emotions and memories and stores about 90% of what drives behavior, emotions, beliefs, coping mechanisms and thoughts without our conscious awareness of them.

Hypnotherapy makes the subconscious realm available to us so that we understand, shift and integrate those aspects of ourselves that previously seemed to have been sabotaging our best intentions or giving us self-doubt…. toward successful outcomes and self-confidence.

Offered Virtually – Enjoy your sessions in the comfort of your own home space

Heart-Centered Clinical Hypnotherapy

Learning to Love Yourself for All That You Are

Womb Regression Hypnotherapy

Learning to Love Your Challenges as Growth

Past Life Regression

Learning to Love Fulfilling Your Purpose

Empowerment Hypnotherapy

Learning to Become Love Itself…

The Transformative Healing Power of Clinical Hypnotherapy

A new beginning...You matter!

  • A safe and easy way to liberate yourself from all that holds you back energetically, emotionally and mentally.
  • Specializing in Clinical Hypnotherapy for release of painful feelings, repetitive negative thoughts, and self-doubts with the goal of learning to love yourself for all that you are.

Overcome your greatest obstacles

  • Free up the energy you spend struggling to let go of that part of you that sabotages your best intentions no matter how hard you try…Use it for your dreams instead!
  • Relish Self-Confidence! Free yourself from self doubts, not feeling good enough or feelings of abandonment.
  • Imagine what you could do with that amount of freed up energy! Let Cayenne insipire and guide you to impressive new ways of experiencing your new found abundance of energy.

Open up to loving yourself...

  • Not feeling lovable comes from the judgmental conscious mind. Learn to love yourself from your heart!
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy with Cayenne can shift that perception of yourself to the heart of it… where you experience yourself as wholeness, spaciousness and joy

Create your life anew!

  • Mastering your emotional and mental states for the expansion of your energetic force…
  • What are you investing your energy in? In troubled emotions, turbulent thoughts and negative self-talk… or in transforming your life into the one you dream about with the help of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Womb Regression Hypnotherapy

Understanding the challenges you face that your soul has chosen for this lifetime…not to suffer but to transcend them and move into higher conciousness.

Explore your soul's first entry into your body in the womb and become more aware of:

  • How your soul felt coming into your particular body and environment, and why your soul chose it.
  • What your parents were feeling while you were in the womb and if that affected you.
  • The greater context of why you are here giving an expansive perspective that helps you to overcome difficult times or painful interactions with people.

Past Life Regression

Deepen the satisfaction of knowing your purpose with Past Life Regression

What is possible to experience in a Past Life Regression?

  • Insights that align what you manifest in your current life with your soul’s purpose adding fulfillment and greater meaning to your life.
  • A New Perspective relevant to this lifetime…not just a generalized Past Life superficial script. Your journey is a personalized, intentional look at the most significant past lives with details about what you have gone through before, what was learned, what talents can be brought back into the present… clarifying your purpose in this lifetime.
  • Profound insights into why and what you soul chose for you to experience in this lifetime.
  • Take-away wisdom and direct experience of the support and guidance of the Universe

A direct and definitive experience with benevolent divine loving forces… offering you guidance in that Soul Space between lifetimes before you entered into this current life.

Empowerment Hypnotherapy Packages

Mobilizing your Energy into Transformative Life-Changing Adventures of Manifestation and Soul Exploration with Empowerment Hypnotherapy Packages

Manifesting Your Desired Intention with Empowerment Hypnotherapy in the Unified Field Package: Levels One and Two

Preparation for manifestation in the Unified Field of Energy, Vibration and Frequency is a specific skillset that includes:

  • Clarifying intention and clearing emotional blocks.
  • Training in Spiritual and Energy Fitness dynamics for the Unified Field for a direct creative experience of manifestation.
  • How to move out of the conscious mind and into your heart’s portal with higher vibrational feelings to align with what is needed for manifestation with energy.

Empowerment Hypnotherapy session custom designed for manifesting your desired intention.

  • Manifestation takes practice and this Empowerment Hypnotherapy Package is designed to give you a first experience, a touchstone, of entering the Unified Field of Energy and to enhance your creative relationship to it.
Manifesting the Loving Relationship You Desire with Empowerment Hypnotherapy

Attract the relationship you dream about…

  • Clear out emotional obstacles preventing you from finding your soul mate with training in emotional mastery and clinical hypnotherapy
  • Safely open your heart to love fully and experience your wholeness—the prerequisite for a wholesome relationship

Manifest the loving relationship in the Unified Field…

  • Gain proficiency in the spiritual and energetic dynamics needed to manifest
  • Empowerment Hypnotherapy session to enter the Unified Field and manifest your soul partner
  • Custom designed Self-Hypnosis MP3 for attracting your ‘person’
Spiritual Empowerment Hypnotherapy Package

Experience the Exploration of Superconscious Realms 

  • Explore realms of healing, unconditional love, guides and the power of oneness beyond the mental mind 

Access and Integrate Divine Soul Wisdom 

  • Safely revisit memories, dreams, Near Death Experiences and visions in an expanded state of consciousness
  • Emerge with a clear awareness of being immortal that shifts your life into deeper context and meaning
  • Travel into the soul space of your spiritual home to connect with your guides, soul lessons and purpose.

What You Can Expect with Cayenne’s Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

A safe, thoroughly relaxing, rejuvenating and personalized journey for successful resolution of inner conflicts as well as profound insights and experiences of transformation and transcendence.

What is your experience with Cayenne during the hypnotherapy sessions?

  • As a Virtually Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, with the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, Cayenne conducts all sessions safely by phone.
  • As a Transpersonal Client Centered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Cayenne believes that as you learn to hear your inner voice, you realize that you do know what is going on with you and you do know what to do about it… which is very empowering.
  • Cayenne is your guide, insuring your safety and facilitating your connection to your own inner wisdom and knowing. You will engage in transformative insights that come from you that shift your experience of life for your greatest good.

What does it feel like? Hypnotherapy is an immensely supportive and safe process.

  • You will be comfortable in your own home space, lying down or in a comfy chair with your eyes shut, and the phone is by your head – you will feel safey connected to me by phone at all times.
  • You will remain in trance and be able to communicate with me throughout your session. There is nothing to worry about coming out of the trance as you will have the awareness at all times to bring yourself out should you choose to do so.
  • Hypnotherapy isn’t mind control. I have no power over you.
  • You remain awake, aware and are in control of your experience. You are not unconscious. You cannot be forced to do or say something you do not want or agree to do.

There is no need to feel concerned about the pain of re-living past traumas, memories, or negative beliefs about oneself.

  • While in a deeply calm, and relaxed state, we are able to objectively observe and enjoy the feeling of release from the effects on us of people, events or our own negative feelings about ourself while at the same time seeing it from a greatly expanded supportive perspective, understanding it all in a new context…
  • Gain healing insights on how to move forward with the best course of action.
  • Silence the inner critic and create a new relationship and response to whatever has troubled you. Feel refreshed and renewed.
  • Soar with a sense of freedom and new creative energy with the release of painful energy from what had troubled you. This new energy is now available to you to create a new relationship to yourself, your life and others.

What Others Are Saying

“Having a Past Life Regression with Cayenne is transformational. She has a special gift, as well as depth of knowledge, to guide you to a safe place where you connect with your higher consciousness and Guides through hypnotherapy.

As you experience this past lifetime it correlates with your current embodiment, giving fresh insight, significance, and understanding to your relationships and your purpose this time around. I highly recommend it!”


“Having spent much of my 74 year life on a conscious spiritual journey, I have experienced many healing modalities and worked with the finest teachers.

Today’s session with Cayenne was a deep and powerful one. The blessing of being guided by her is a gift beyond words. My soulful session with Cayenne has deeply enhanced my life.”


“Cayenne connects others to the miracle people want and are looking for! Most people have no idea they are in control of their emotional well-being and Cayenne helps them find it right inside of themselves!

I honestly had no idea the power I had resourced within me! It is so eye opening to learn how quickly you can detach from what you believe your “story” to be, vs discovering what your purpose is!!”


It’s natural to have questions about Hypnotherapy…

For a Free Consultation to answer those questions or to find out what Hypnotherapy can do for you, let’s schedule a time for us to chat over the phone..

This time together is just for you to be heard and for your questions to be answered… no pressure or obligation here

If you are interested, we can enjoy custom designing your virtual Transformative Consciousness Coaching, Hypnotherapy sessions, or Self-Hypnosis MP3 together.

Fill out the form with your phone number and a good date/time (your time zone) for us to connect. I will confirm it by email.

Looking forward to talking with you!

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