How to Put the Wag Back Into Your Tail

Say goodbye to a life half lived, and start your own Journey to Joy.

Nothing says “happiness” like the wagging of a dog’s tail.

But when was the last time you felt that kind of sustained joy?

“How to Put the Wag Back Into Your Tail” follows Cayenne and her dog Houndy on a courageous journey of self-determination and self-examination. Told with Caribbean island stories of humor and hope, and a heartfelt series of twelve of her paintings depicting dogs as a metaphor for unconditional love, Cayenne shares her secrets for releasing painful emotions like grief, anxiety, stress, not ‘feeling good enough’ and loneliness. This book is filled with links to online guided meditations and transformative practices.

“What an immense transformation when you realize with great joy the power you hold to release yourself from all past, present or future emotional pain. Begin to travel your soul’s true journey to joy, that of being able to go within and experience your inner nature. This is the transformation from habitually draining thought patterns, negative self-talk, low self-esteem, loneliness, stress, anxiety and dependence on external forces to make you feel better … to joyful self-acceptance and heartfelt connection with others and to the awareness of your Soul-Self.”

An open and honest soul-baring with the goal of helping us move from pain back to life-affirming joy.  Graves takes a fresh look at a problem all of us must face: how to move from sorrow to meaning

Shawn Achor, author of “The Happiness Advantage

Book Reviews

“The extraordinary circumstances described with raw, open-heartedness, and her journey to wholeness is one of the most inspiring, heartfelt true stories I’ve read. This unique guide to exploring and discovering (and uncovering) the potential of the self is filled with Cayenne Graves’ candor, courage, beautiful symbolic paintings, links to guided healing meditations, mantras, and easy to use methods to help deal with and release anxiety and debilitating emotions. I used many of the suggested techniques, and as a result, I experienced greater ease and peace within myself and toward others. This is no ordinary self-help book, and I highly recommend it.”


“This book is a resource and companion for navigating overwhelming emotions. The author aims to put the reader in touch with their most strong, resilient, and loved self. She illustrates how feeling lost in moments of distress can be all encompassing and offers insights and approaches to regaining stability. Her stories center around voices of hope, whether her own or someone else’s, throughout her struggles & efforts to rebuild her life. It’s obvious she’d like to be a voice of hope and strength for the reader as well.”


Cayenne’s 12 paintings from “How to Put the Wag Back Into Your Tail…The Art of Releasing Painful Feelings and Taking the Journey to Joy”

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